The Goodies

  • Concourse Level Metal Work
  • Original Ermine White Colour
  • Swartz Performance Frame
  • Capable of 1.06G in a 60′ Skid Pad
  • Hand Built Monte Carlo Bar
  • Dual Adjustable Viking Shocks
  • Limited Edition ZL1 427 all Aluminum Engine
  • 6 Speed automatic transmission
  • Column Shifter modified to be paddle shifter
  • 373 Posi Trac 12 Bolt Rearend
  • 14-inch disc brakes all around
  • 6 piston calipers

This all-white two-door beauty was at the Vancouver Auto Show and it was built by Jellybean Autocrafters in Surrey. I’ve written a list of what’s all been done. Here are a few highlights. An all-aluminum 427 ZL1 engine mated to a 6-speed automatic with 3.73 posi rear-end, dual adjustable shocks the quality on this build when seen up close, is awesome.
Now onto the classic stuff. This car started out as a “348 3 on the tree”. Which essentially meant the 348 cubic inch engine with a 3-speed manual transmission and the 3-speed was a column shift. Unlike today’s cars where the shifter is on the floor. The column shift was converted to paddle- shift. (Which is simply cool!)
I wanted to do a piece on this car. Because it’s my dad’s favorite. And it is also one of the rarest Chevrolet bodies ever made. 1961 was the only year made with the back window looking the way that it looked. 1960 and 1962 were different than the 61 models.

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