1978-Honda Civic CVCC White

This is my friend Mike’s 1978 Honda Civic CVCC.

1978 Honda Civic CVCC White with Riken Mesh Wheels
1978 Honda Civic with matching skateboard

I asked Mike about the Honda, he said he has owned it for almost a year and it is clearly a sweet ride.

Here is a list of the goodies:

  • BC coil-overs
  • Riken mesh wheels
  • Aftermarket Weber carburetor
  • Custom sound system
  • The exhaust was done by the previous owner who was a graphics designer so he made the livery and the custom matching skateboard you see in the picture.
1978 Honda Civic CVCC White Side shot
1978 Honda Civic -Side shot

Mike is on to the next phase he is currently taking the car apart to clean up a few issues and is looking to get it ready for a respray. He also mentioned that he would like to swap the current EB3 CVCC engine for a D16B.

1978 Honda Civic CVCC White Front strpped for detailing
1978 Honda Civic CVCC

Follow Mike on Instagram:

https://www.instagram.com/victoriaoldschool Mike is also an amazing Photographer. Hit him up if you need any pics of your cool vehicle.

I will keep an eye on this little gem and most certainly do a follow up post in the future.

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