Stick with me folks, this is about cars. Those who may not know or may not be old enough to have heard of or seen “Bullitt” the iconic movie starring Steve McQueen.

Well Chad McQueen is his son.

He played “Dutch” in The Karate Kid I and the beginning of Karate Kid II.
Well, I was binge-watching Cobra Kai on Netflix and I wondered why the blonde smartass kid Dutch, wasn’t in the new series. I Googled for the answer and my mind was blown. I must have watched the Karate Kid 100 times in my life and I clearly haven’t ever read the credits.
Luckily, I am not the only one I shared this gem with others and they were just as surprised.

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Chad is off driving race cars, and scheduling just didn’t work out. At first, I said Oh, wow this sucks!… Then I realized I am jealous….what a life. He races cars and loves it.

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